Giants Guy

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Don’t see him? Look for the guy:

  • With a red beard.
  • A Giants hat.
  • A Black Giants-themed jacket (logo prominent).
  • Artsy neck or forearm tattoos; no words.
  • Smoking light cigarettes. Trying to quit.
  • Drinking a Racer 5 IPA.
  • Talking about Racer 5 IPA.
  • Talking about drinking a Lagunitas IPA next, or maybe a RedBull.
  • Not talking about the game.
  • Parking an Acura with elaborate NorCal decal and (legal) window tint .
  • Waiting for a friend from Humboldt to arrive.
  • Bragging about smoking the original ”Trainwreck.”
  • Walking a small dog.

§ One Response to Giants Guy

  • DMP says:

    Saw this guy last night in the right field pavilion at a Dodgers game. Very disorienting, but the red beard and black-and-orange beanie were unmistakable.

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